How to Draw Hands

Riley Teafatiller

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, here is a short and easy way I have found to draw simple hands. This style of hands can pertain to almost any style. The materials that you will need for this sketch are any regular piece of paper, any pencil you have around the house that has lead, and an eraser, though pencils usually come with an eraser. I have also posted a picture with this article will help you picture what your hand should look like.

Step One: For the first step, you are going to draw these two shapes shown in Box#1. The big curved shape will be the main part of the hand. The part below that will be the wrist and arm

Step Two: Next, draw small circles along the top of the curved shape. You will also draw in the rest of the thumb, which will look like the edge of a plastic knife.

Step Three: Draw small boxes over the circles that you have already drawn. These will be the first parts of the fingers that lead up to the knuckles.

Step Four: Above those boxes draw what looks like the edges of plastic knives on top. These will be the tips of the fingers.

Step Five: This is the easiest step as you just want to erase any placeholder lines that we have set, like the boxes and circles for fingers and the bottom of the top shape. Leave that line that intersects with the thumb.

This is the end of the tutorial! Feel free to color the hand if want. I plan on making more detailed drawing tutorials, so look out for those.