Holidays coming up at Mclean.


As the leaves begin to turn orange and the holidays get closer and closer, many students are wondering when their next day off is. Below is a list of all of the breaks until 2023 begins and activities until 2023 starts.

  1. Friday funday Oct. 21st, it will be out side and there will be games and ect.
  2. Colorblast November, outside and will be very colorful.
  3. Veterans day Nov. 11, day off to honor the people who fought for our country.
  4. Thanksgiving break Nov. 21-25
  5. holiday break Dec. 16th through Jan. 3.

There are a lot of fun times ahead and days off, so remember to take time to enjoy and relax even though we’re still learning. The McLean Mirror reporters and yearbook staff will be at all events taking pictures and giving interviews, so be sure to say hello!