Advice to new McLean students!


Caitlynn Stecker

Hi my name is Caitlynn Stecker and I am an eighth grader at Mclean Middle school, this will be my second year attending. This is a great school and I’m glad you’re here and reading this, that being said in those two years I’ve learned a lot and there’s some things I wish I knew before I started.

Pay attention in class, whether or not you like school, it is very important. Your education affects lots of things, like college, source of income, etc. Just stay quiet, calm, don’t be a distraction and you will make it, I promise! I suggest getting a planner to keep organized and prepared for upcoming events, speaking from experience it is a HUGE lifesaver. I love listening to music when doing schoolwork, during my free time, or during lunch it personally helps me focus better.

I hope you enjoyed this article and took some advice in, remember to be yourself and to not let others bother you!