Amazing Adventures Await Just Around the Corner With Geocaching


Sahana Talwar

Sahana Talwar, 8th grade with a geocache she found over the summer

We’ve all read books about treasure hunting. We’ve all also fantasized about treasure hunting. But what if there was a way for us to actually go treasure hunting? Well, geocaching is the answer.

Geocaching is kind of like treasure hunting. The first thing you’ll need to start your treasure hunt is the geocaching app. It’s free to download and make an account. Next, find geocaches near you. If you click on one, it’ll tell you how far away you are from it. It will also have a description and maybe even a hint of how to find it.

Geocaches range from super small magnets, to giant tanks, although those are pretty rare. Each will have a logbook to sign, and depending on the size, maybe a few small tradables.



One of the small tradables you can find is a trackable. It’ll look like something you would hook on the zipper of your backpack, but it’s actually an object trying to travel the world. It gives you a website to visit and a code to enter. There, you can see where the trackable has been, and where the trackable owner intended it to go.

a trackable

The last thing you should know about geocaching, is to be prepared. Some geocaches, you can go to a park for a picnic and find as an afterthought. But, if you’re planning to go geocaching, find an area with lots of geocaches. Bring a small bag with snakes, water, small tradables, a pencil or pen, and of course, your phone.

Now go explore the world and find some treasure of your own.