Interview with our secretary Ms.Estrada !


Valeria S. , Lanesha V.

McLean students Lanesha Vance and Valeria Sevilla present to you our amazing secretary here at Mclean Middle School Ms.Estrada! We asked our lovely secretary to share some things about herself but also about some positives of McLean which is what this week’s newspaper is all about. Ms.Estrada began by telling us why she chose McLean and her response  was  “I was actually a student here and I made lots of great memories  which is why I always knew I wanted to work at a school as amazing as this middle school.”

Then we asked her why she chose to become a secretary.” I started off as a clerk and then there was an opportunity for me to become a secretary so I decided to take it and learn and become more knowledgeable in this career.” The next question we asked her was “what is it like being the principal’s secretary?” She answered by saying “ I have many roles as a secretary, but most importantly I love helping our staff and students, making sure they have everything they need to be able to learn and have fun while doing it.”

We ended the interview with a very important question which brings us back to the main focus of the week which is positivity. The question was what is the most positive aspect of working at Mclean Middle School as a secretary and our final response was “ Mclean has the best staff I have ever worked with! Everyone has always gone above and beyond for our students.” We thank and appreciate Ms.Estrada for taking the time to respond some of our questions, and tell us positive things about Mclean Middle School.