English 1 Students Showcase 6 Weeks Reading Projects


Dylan Konur

Londyn Walton used a clock as the symbol for her report

It’s been a busy first six weeks in Mr. Torres ELA class, two major projects and a lot of learning! Every morning the class has to write a quote of the day inside their journals. Then write two sentences trying to find the prepositional phrases. It’s a class full of learning!

The first major project was a kind of book report. Instead of your usual essay we made a brochure about a book. I won’t give any spoilers but the book was called “The Most Dangerous Game.” We either had to write from the villain’s perspective inviting people to his mystery island or from a travelers perspective warning people to stay clear. It was very enjoyable and didn’t really feel like a project more like something you would do for fun. That’s what many people like about his class.

Mae Krogness stunned the class with the detail in her diorama

The second major project was a book report. We had the choice to either do a dialog map or diorama of the book. I personally choose the plot map. If you made a diorama then you had to incorporate an important place, or setting and sneak an important symbol in representing the plot or

the book, then write an essay explaining your scene. For the plot map you had to make a symbolic drawing for the background and summarize your book in little paragraphs explaining what happened. Climax, tension, resolution etc. It was also very fun and interesting. My favorite part was reading the book and trying to summarize it. It was

Jackson Hailey showcased the rural setting of his book

challenging but exciting too.