Ready to Research?


Sahana Talwar

We all know we’re going to high school in a year or two and if you want the chance to help with research in physics, astronomy, and other scientific fields, the Research Apprentice Program might be up your alley.

The Research Apprentice Program is a program offered by TCU where high school students, and sometimes middle school students, can help with real world research. To apply you have to go to and scroll down to the bottom. You can read the information provided there, or just jump straight into applying.

Fill out all the information required and someone should contact you within a couple of days to check in with the faculty member(s) you want to work with.

Some faculty members have a set number of students they will take, so if they already have that number, you’ll have to find someone else.

Some of the research requires you to be near TCU, but some doesn’t. Things like coding or theoretical math, just require you to have a way to contact the faculty member you’re working with.

The Research Apprentice Program recommends that you be a junior or senior in high school, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be in it when you’re a freshman or junior. Being in advanced classes might help you do that.

TCU is just one of many colleges that offers programs like this. Some are volunteer work, and some you can get paid. So, if you like math, science, coding, or something else, keep the Research Apprentice Program in mind.