8th grade Football – Seeing Great Improvement

Dustin Davis

The McLean 8th Grade football team was off to a rocky start, but we have seen great improvements in practice and in games. Our tackling has gotten much better as you can see during the game on September 14th against Rosemont. We also have been learning a lot of new plays, which I think will improve our offense a lot. 

First, we are going to talk about our offensive improvements. We are starting to know the plays and memorize the routes, which is great in the games, and also we are starting to run faster because we have been doing conditioning every practice. That has helped substantially because we can be in the game longer.

Our defense has improved a lot, but there is a lot more room for improvement. One of the main things we have improved a lot in is our tackling.

But our game on September 21, we played great in the first half. We had a 10 point lead, the score being 16-6. One touchdown was thrown to Braylen Dulle by Jackson Sheperd, our QB. The other was thrown to Jack English. Dylan Konur also made both of the PAT’s after the touchdowns. In the second half, they started to score more, and the final score ended up being 36-16. Yes, we lost, but as you read earlier, we have been progressively getting better and better.

Look forward to our next game on September 28 against Elder.