Career Technical Education (CTE) A Pathway To Your Career


Valerie Castillo

What is It ?
The elective course is referred to better as Career Technical Education. It provides many useful skills for your future job ! While it gives General Employability Skills it permits students like you to know their interests in their career options like Business, Finance , Agriculture etc. It provides educational essentials for employment. Further having knowledge on different career paths .

Why you should choose CTE as a elective
This elective is very helpful for you, if you want to explore your career options! For example , If you want to have a job in engineering this elective allows you to know how and what you need for the job in the career.Like what jobs there are within the career clusters.
Meet Mrs.Paiz a CTE Teacher

If you’re in 7th grade and don’t know what to choose as an elective, Mrs.Paiz will be glad to have you next year for CTE class. Get to know Mrs.Paiz a little better.

A fun fact about Mrs.Paiz is that she has 3 cats a dog and 6 fish and 1 turtle and 1 gerbil (a lot of animals)

Mrs.Paiz : Overall I have been teaching for almost 5 years, 4 of which have been at McLean. 🙂 All the years I have been teaching has been CTE courses, I have taught almost all CTE courses except speech/digital communications

 Mrs .Paiz: CTE as an elective is great because it is now split by grade level so I have only 7th graders and 8th grades have coach bridges
Now, all CTE courses students get a whole high school credit. The CTE class I teach is general employability skills, we go over different careers and we do lots of hands-on projects.