Recycling? Whats that? Let’s learn!

Xander Sampeck

What is Recycling and Why Recycle? – Keep Montana Clean and Green…Think Before You Throw

Ah, yes those three foreboding arrows that make a triangle with that little 5 in the middle. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about recycling. It may seem unnecessary, or just plain boring. But it helps mother Gaia (the ancestral mother of all living things). Recycling helps more than you can imagine.

Recycling is so important, so let’s jump into the rabbit hole of why! For one it helps prevent greenhouse gases and water pollution. You know how people say save the turtles, well recycling can help with that. Recycling helps less greenhouse gases be emitted. If you throw away even half the paper you use in a year instead of recycling it, you increase your climate pollution by the same amount as driving 526 miles. Greenhouse gases are created when we burn fuel for heat or power through chemical reactions. When we choose to throw away plastic the majority of the time due to its light weight it flies away from the landfills or from the truck and ends up in the ocean. Then a turtle may see this plastic, mistake it for food and then eat it. Due to the chemicals in the plastic the turtles get sick, or worse they get stuck in the plastic. Once they are stuck in the plastic they most likely won’t be able to move around properly, and hence force will die of starvation. The leading cause of death for turtles is plastic. Not only will turtles die, but also this may add to the colossal hunk of plastic larger than Texas. For reference 15 of the smaller states can fit within the borders of Texas. 

Not only does the plastic end up in the ocean but it can’t be reused. Plastic being reused may seem like a far off idea, but it can be done. They are separated from trash for starters. Then they are separated between green plastic and clear plastic. Green plastics refers to plastic that is biodegradable, made wholly from biological materials, or both. Where clear plastic is a tougher plastic that is designed for flexibility. If you want to learn about the different plastics you can go to A&C Plastics inc. . Then they either shred the plastic or just straight off the bat melt it. The reason it sometimes needs to be shredded is because it can be something bigger or tougher like a jug. Since it’s bigger or thicker it will be harder to melt, so they shred it into smaller pieces. Once melted they really just make it into another thing. They can even make clothes but that’s a whole other process. If you would like to read more about it go to trvst.

Recycling can be quite easy if you know your stuff. First things first, you need to know what’s recyclable and what’s not. That can be pretty tricky if you don’t know. Luckily there are many resources on the internet! Just be sure that they’re trusted sources. I’d recommend (United States Environmental Protection Agency) it can always help you decide what’s recyclable! Once you know if it’s recyclable then you need to rinse it out or off. This way if there’s any stick soda in your aluminum can it can be washed out, as not to disrupt the melting process. Then you need to put it in a designated recycling bin. This means that everyone in your family or classmates knows to put recyclables in that specific bin. 

Now that you know the benefits and how to recycle, you could start recycling as well! If you need more info you can go to ( Don’t forget you can also do your own research, if need be!