Revenge of the Witch (Book Review)

Israel Planty, Book Reviewer

The book starts off as the main character being Tom Ward is forced to leave his family farm to  make a career for himself and becomes the apprentice of a Witch and ghost fighting madman labeled as “The Spook”. The Spook tests Tom as quickly as possible, placing him in a haunted house and telling him to survive the night. Tom survives the grueling night and travels to the spooks home. The Spook gives Tom a tour of his property and he learns that an invisible man cooks the food. The Spook gives Tom an amazing apprentice job to go grocery shopping, while Tom is bringing the groceries back he spots a witch-like girl with pointed shoes. Her name is Alice and she is very deceitful, while Tom is getting bullied by some boys she walks over and scares them off in return for a favor that she can cash out whenever she wants.

Fast forward to the next day and The Spook leaves to go do errands and  Alice calls Tom because she decided she wanted to cash in her favor, she tells Tom that he needs to deliver 3 cakes to Mother Malkin, one of the witches that lives in the Spooks house. Tom gives Mother Malkin 2 of the 3 before he realizes that he just gave her enough energy to break free. In a show of an amazing amount of courage, Toms successfully kills Mother Malkin, unfortunately The Spook returns and tells Tom that Mother Malkin is still very dangerous being dead and can possess someone now.

It turns out Alice’s aunt, Bonny Lizzie was behind the plan the whole time because she is one of the witches trying to get revenge. But The Spook traps Bonny and sends Tom and Alice to a guardian, unfortunately when the guardian leaves to deliver the neighbors baby, Mother Malkin possesses a butcher and tries to kill Tom. With Alice’s help, Tom and her manage to drive the spirit from the butchers body and Mother Malkin’s body is eaten by hungry pigs, The Spook suspects that Alice is still partnered with the witches but leaves it up to Tom to decide the her fate, Tom decided that Alice and him are good pals and decides to let her live. I rate this book 8/10 good but moves kinda slow and could’ve had a better ending.