Kabuki Masks Take Over The Theatre 2 Classroom


Cate Werth and Charlotte Woods

Our Theatre 2 students made some fabulous Kabuki masks with our Theatre teacher Ms. Guess. If you didn’t know, Kabuki is a style of traditional Japanese Theatre that conveys a story through dancing and movement. We had an amazing opportunity to interview Ms. Guess on the subject.


She said “Students made masks out of paper and markers. They had a rainbow array of markers to choose from.” Students picked what kind of mask they wanted to do too. There are humans, animals, and demon masks that students could choose from. Once they picked their style they had to pick an emotion to convey and the options were joy, anger, or sadness. They conveyed these emotions with colors such as red and blue, red being anger and blue being sadness. They picked a main color to work with and went from there.


Ms. Guess was very impressed with her students’ creativity. “They turned out better than I thought they would,” she said.” We just had to take a picture. They were so good that she wishes she had done something more with them to show them off! She said that maybe next year they would write plays and do scenes with them.  


Make sure to check out the fabulous photos below that showcase the creativity of our theatre students! 

Theatre two students create wonderful masks to show off thier creative skills.