Amazing Actors added to Triple Threat Club


Sahana Talwar

If you go to this school, then you’ve probably been in the auditorium. And if you’ve been in the auditorium, then you’ve probably seen the banners hanging off the front of the balcony.

You might be asking what they are for, and whose names are on them. Well, there’s something called triple threat club. You get in it by being in all three shows in the year. That’s the fall play, one-act, and the musical. You also get shirts, so if you see some 8th graders walking around with pinkish-orange shirts on, they’re in triple threat club.

I wanted to know more about how triple threat club started, so I emailed the theatre teacher Ms. Guess.

She told me that triple threat club has been around since 2016. I was started by then theatre teacher Bentleigh Nesbit. She now teaches theatre at the high school I.M. Terrell.

Bentleigh Nesbit wanted a way to reward and acknowledge students who participated in any way in all three shows. So she made and ordered t-shirts and hung a banner in the auditorium.

Speaking of the banners, I wondered what would happen when they ran out of room along the balcony to hang banners. Ms. Guess says they’ll probably have to start hanging them along the walls. “Maybe the whole auditorium will end up wallpapered with Triple Threat banners!”, Ms. Guess said.

Ms. Guess says that she has three triple threat club t-shirts. This year, we’ll add another and maybe you’ll be one of the ones to get it!