Some Teachers Now Offering AM Clubs

New Morning Clubs Offer Options Beyond Breakfast or the Auditorium

Xander Sampeck

Aren’t you tired of sitting in the auditorium without anything to do? Don’t you want something in the morning instead of just sitting? For all you people that sit in the auditorium before school without anything to do, well guess what! There are now morning clubs. Current events, special skills, art and so much more will be featured! They will be going for six weeks. Bring your friends!

I interviewed Ms.Derrick, to give us much more information! For those of you who don’t know who she is, let me introduce her. She has worked for Fort Worth isd for 29 years, and this is her second time back at McLean. From Arlington Heights to Riverside middle school to Kurt Patrick middle school, and many others! Through her travels she was able to form close bonds with many students she met. She said “That is key to my job. Getting to connect with the student, building that trust…”. Her job is to support the school to make sure that a student can go into the classroom and be willing to learn the lesson. She is there to help students through the tough times, as well as just those small times when you just need someone to listen. She is here to help you get any help you might need. Whether it’s being the liaison to get you that help or directly assisting you.

So let’s now get into more details of these amazing clubs! The goal of these clubs is to get students more comfortable with the classroom setting. “ Some students haven’t been in a classroom since 5 or 6th grade” Ms. Derrick had mentioned. She is the liaison for these clubs. In case there is anything that the teacher needs for the clubs then she will communicate that to our very own Ms. Ozuna. She had sent out a google form to all the parents about what clubs you might be interested in. So, if your parents haven’t said anything make sure and ask them!

There will be a limited amount of spots available, given that these clubs will be hosted in the teachers classroom. The amount of spots for clubs will vary depending on how much room the activity will take up, and how many students the teacher is comfortable having in their classroom. So sign up as soon as you can! As for getting to the clubs you will need a pass so don’t lose it! For clubs that start early in the morning like Brilliant teen artists sponsored by Mrs.Voltz or Current Events Club sponsored by Mr. Torres you will have access to the building before school hours. Some clubs are also during school, so you will also have a pass. But note there isn’t just one club!

There are many types of clubs being hosted, so let’s talk about them! There is “Being the BEST version of me!” sponsored by Ms. Cuevas, where they will be focusing on self-care, self-love,and self-acceptance, and discussing how it impacts mental health! Starting at 8:30 and it’s on every other Tuesday in office 236. There’s also “Brilliant Artisan Teens” sponsored by Mrs. Voltz working on murals, drawing, window displays, and graphic designing! It’s every Thursday starting at 8:30 in room 204.

We can’t forget about “Current Events Club” sponsored by Mr. Torres, it starts at 8:30. They will be discussing current events, focusing on finding Verifiable facts and increasing one’s awareness of events and how they affect us! Then during “A” lunch, there is a chess club! Sponsored by Mrs. Breedlove, every Wednesday you could be learning chess. As well as all these wonderful clubs there is “Girl Talk” with co-sponsors Mrs.Truss and Mrs. Derrick. On Thursday 1:48 pm – 2:38 pm, a group of female students will be discussing Self-esteem, building confidence, your changing bodies, and “get to know you” activities! Don’t forget there is limited space so make sure to sign up quickly!