There Is No Masking The Fun Of Halloween

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For Everyone.


Nicola Renegar and Charley Wedemeyer

With Halloween just around the corner, it might be hard to settle for one good costume. There are many other costume necessities needed to make the best Halloween Outfit. To get the perfect costume that fits your liking, you would have to go to the right stores. Most popular places to shop for Halloween costumes are Spirit Halloween, Magic etc., Amazon, Micheal’s, Party City, Halloween City, or your own home. You can also be creative and throw in some homemade fabric or other accessories.  You would also need a good basket to match your costume. Whether you want to wear a matching costume with your friends or wear an individual costume, we have ideas for all. A few costume ideas for friend groups are:

  1. M&ms – This year has been very crazy, if you are feeling nutty maybe dress up as an M&M with your friends.
  2. Aliens – If you are looking to be something a little out of this world, then maybe an Alien is the right costume for you. They are somewhat easy to dress up as with very little supplies.
  3. Crayon – A crayon is a fun and easy way to dress up colorful with your friends on a small budget. You can get shirts from Micheal’s and DIY the letter M on them or just order then yourself. Fun accessories can be added to personalize your costume.
  4. Disney – Disney costumes can vary from different villains to any princess or other characters. Disney characters can be a fun way to be creative and you have a good chance that no one else will be in the same costume. 
  5.  Hippies –  Hippies are a fun way to get back in the past with your friends and change your style!

If you don’t choose to do it with a friend group, it doesn’t mean you have no friends, it means you have more candy for yourself. Shopping last minute, is popular so their is a need for quick and easy costumes. Here are some Halloween costumes that are easy and quick individual costumes:

  1. Frat boy – A frat boy is a fun way to try out another style and connect with your friends. It also makes for a good individual costume that you can put together using any thing in your closet.
  2. Bat – A bat is a good costume if you are looking to be an animal. You could have a bat wing hood or anything that resembles a bat. It is fairly easy and fun if you like to fly.
  3. Clown – Clowns are a very popular costume. If you want to be unique this is not the costume. You can find any type of clown costume that suits your liking at most every Halloween shop. If you like scaring people this will definitely give off that vibe.
  4. Cruella – Cruella is a common costume since a movie recently came out but if you like Disney villains then this might be something to consider. Most Cruella costumes include wigs, but if you don’t like wigs, there are many other options.
  5. Ghost – Ghost is one of the easiest costumes. You can buy a ghost costume or even make your own out of a sheet. You can design any way you want and this is a good costume if you like last minute costume shopping.