Weekly Reminders

Clara Bangert

Each day, we can make small changes to be a better person, teammate, and make a better community. Here at Mclean, there are a few things we can do weekly to make these changes. The most important thing we can do is to be kind to one another, that will make the biggest impact on the community. Say you are in the hallway and run into someone. Instead of saying “Hey! Watch out!” You could say “I’m sorry! or No worries!” It’s that simple. 

Now I will move onto simple but very important things we can do to help keep ourselves healthy. It may seem that during school we may not have time to get a sip of water, but we need to make this a priority. Throughout this week and even the next, try to have a bit of water each period. In the hallway it can seem that others are being irresponsible. Remember that there are hallway “manners” we need to use. These are to walk alongside only 2 others, keep moving forward, and get to class at an appropriate time. 

Now we will cover the rules at lunch. We may want to get up and talk to friends, but during these times we must remain in our assigned sections. To be able to go to the restroom you must scan a QR code to have access to leave the cafeteria. You can find these codes along the walls near the murals.

 Finally, I would like to remind all of you that the most important part of school is to learn and have fun! There will be times where you have to focus in order to achieve the goal you have set for yourself, but incorporating fun and exciting activities can help your mind stay interested. This week we had play auditions that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was callback auditions. On Tuesday we had our first football game of the season!