After School Fun

What do teachers and classmates even do when school ends?

In today’s section for what teachers and students from Mclean Middle School do for after school fun we decided to interview a couple of students and teachers to ask them how their after school afternoons look.  Some of the answers we got were very interesting and show that the teachers and students at Mclean not only work hard during school but also after school . 

Now let’s begin with the responses we got from our amazing librarian Ms.Truss who allowed us to interview her in the library where she spends her day. We began by asking her what were some things that made her afternoon special, and Ms.Truss responded with  “ I have 2 babies and as many mothers may understand, being a mother is a full time job.”  She also decided to share some memories from when she was a middle schooler like us, and she said “  I used to play many different sports, one being volleyball which I admit I had a very good skill with . I also did dance which made my middle school afternoons fun and special to me.“ MS. Truss’s final piece of advice was “stay young as much as you can “ because of how growing up leads to more responsibilities which can take some time to adjust to so instead you should enjoy your childhood and have fun . 

We decided to ask Ms.Truss what is something that makes her crave going home in the afternoon after school and she answered with ‘even though  my babies are a big responsibility, I love them so much and everyday after school I crave to go home and have some bonding time with them.’ At the end of the interview we asked Ms.Truss what she did after school to prepare for the next school day and the response we received was “What I do to prepare for the next day is make sure all my supplies are ready to go, make sure the library is nice and neat and a big factor in MY LUNCH.”

 Now we weren’t going to forget about Mclean students so we asked a few what their afternoon fun looked like, and these are some of the responses we received.

Ceriena Taitingfong is a volleyball player and has recently received a solo in the varsity choir. The first thing that we asked was what a usual afternoon in her life looked like. The response we received was “ I usually have volleyball practice and then I go home and get some homework done, then I relax and have some bonding time with my family.” Then we asked what is something you look forward to in the afternoon. She said “ I mostly look forward to going home and having a snack after a long day.” Ceriena mentioned that she not only had volleyball practice some days of the week but she also likes to practice on her own time to improve. This shows that students not only work hard during school but also want to practice for improving after school. To end the interview, we asked what highlights her afternoon. The response we received was “ I enjoy having bonding time with my sister which is the highlight of my afternoon.’ 


In conclusion, the responses that we received from Teachers and Students shows how both work hard after school, but also have some highlights in their afternoons which make their afternoons special and unique to them. Most importantly, this article is all about their afternoon fun .