Youth Voices For Change

Mrs. Engel

Mrs. Engel

Sadie Engel

 What’s this thing called YV4C I keep hearing about around school? YV4C stands for Youth Voices For Change and is designed to make a positive impact on the big and small communities.  Youth Voices For Change is run by the one and only Cassandra Engel, although you may know her as Ms. Engel because she is also a science teacher here at MMS! Ms. Engel says she loves YV4C because she enjoys being able to help students and she loves being a safe space for all who need it. 

YV4C does things like canned food drives to help families for the holidays! YV4C encourages students to make healthy decisions, and ask for help when they or their friends need it. Ms. Engel says that they also address important topics every month. 

So maybe if you like helping your friends and making changes this could be the school organization for you! This also gives you a great opportunity to get to know Ms. Engel! So how do I join? Well for those of you wondering all you have to do is show up, yep thats it show up for the meetings beginning next week and listen to the announcements for more details! If this sounds like something you would be interested in visit the MMS website and decide if you want to join YV4C!