Defending Volleyball Champs Prepare to Defend 7 Year Winning Streak


Jayden Iorizzo and Muriel Cowdin

McLean is good at sports but we’re significantly good at Volleyball. Our teams have won city championships 7 years in a row, so our teams have big shoes to fill this year. Our 8th Grade A team players are excited to be in our city championships this year. 

Players on our volleyball teams are excited to defend our City Championships. “I am excited about the city tournament this year because we are going to be playing some of the harder teams and having good competition,” says Peyton Pitcock. Kate Bearden said, “I am so excited to play against other people out of the district like Aledo and have good competition.”

Coaches are also energized. “I am so excited tournaments are back!  That is always the best opportunity for the team to grow as a whole and for us to get some exciting matches that we wouldn’t normally get in district play.  They are exhausting but so fun and worth it.” says coach Mason. Coach Doeren, our 8th grade B team Coach says “My goal is to put together a team that can rival most schools’ a-teams.  This is probably the most talented bunch of players I have had the opportunity to work with.  I also really want to play a libero at some point this season.” 

If you want to come and cheer on our volleyball teams, here is some advice from our coaches “Show up, be loud, and be respectful to both teams!” says Coach Mason. Coach Doeren says “The best way to support our team is to show up and cheer! B-team games can be kind of boring to watch at times.  It’s not always the most exciting volleyball. Cheer us on!” Our next 8th-grade Game is at McLean against Elder at the Gus gym at @5:45 for our B team and @6:45 for the 8th grade A team. Our 7th-grade teams are at the same times for the same teams at Elder Middle school. Here is the link to the tickets. Mclean Volleyball