TCU Student Teachers Make A Splash On Campus

TCU student teachers at Mclean to observe teaching in action!

TCU student teachers at Mclean to observe teaching in action!

Nicola Renegar

This year at Mclean, many student teachers have come from TCU to help our amazing teachers. When I think of amazing student teachers, I think about Erin Mcgoldrick. Erin Mcgoldrick is a senior at TCU with a major in ELA. She has been helping out our ELA/ Yearbook teacher, Mr. Torres so far this year. This is her second year in classrooms doing field experience, but her first year at Mclean. 

She loves learning about what drives children to learn and is interested to see what children are learning. When going to middle school in 2010, coming back to middle school 11 years later, there were a lot of changes. Schools have changed a lot since then and learning about the changes in the learning environment can help improve schools in the future.

 Meeting more students and teachers daily is a lot of fun and she recommends student teaching to other children who are interested in teaching in school districts. Being a student teacher means giving the teachers a new perspective that can change learning for the better. Seeing kids learning and improving is what motivates her to teach in the future.

 People understanding material, teaches her good teaching methods which could be taught more in the future. Having a student teacher in your class means that she is there to help you just as much as you are there to help them improve teaching. She recommends TCU as a college because it has great opportunities and has great programs for whatever you are interested in!