History Fair Is Just Around The Corner

Chava Nuckols

Pictures of History books


With another new beginning to a school year, there are new subjects and topics of great interest to be explored, something for everyone that each student may enjoy. Things like homework, school projects, or even the  History Fair are all things that may not be your cup of tea. However, when l think about The History Fair, I begin to think that if you get assigned a topic (of whatever category from US History that is given by your Social Studies teacher) there could be some interesting possibilities.                    

   Now there are usually 2 ways of thinking, one being negative because it is lacking in possibility, and going down a train of thought where a student might think to themselves, “Ugh this is horrible, why are we doing this?” The other line of thought is more positive and offers growth by asking yourself, “What partners will we have? What supplies can l use with my project to make it look impressive?” This line of thinking, of wondering, can also stem into taking a look at the competition this year, and thinking about if the project that you put endless hours into, will end up paying off and passing with flying colors?” What a student thinks about a project including History Fair is one thing, but when it comes to celebrating students demonstrating hard work and connection, and letting it manifest through creative projects that take time and thought, we find the moments in our History Fair where work is demonstrating overall learning and sharpening an entire skill set!

   History Fair is to be a piece of paper or board turned into something amazing to represent the topic of the year in History.