9/11 Memorial Ceremony Features JCC Students



The beaytiful 9/11 memorial painting in the C hall across from cafeteria

JCC  instructor Senior Chief Williams
The beautiful 9/11 memorial painting in the C hall across from cafeteria


  Almost every American has heard of the tragedy of 9/11 , but many of those people do not know the full story of what truly happened on that day , what led up to it ,and what has happened after the event. At 7:46 AM in New York a loud explosion was heard at the World Trade Center. Mrs. Green,  United States History teacher at McLean, had just started a day of  school in New York City at the time. ¨A science teacher, Mr. Hoffman came running up the stairs saying the twin towers had been hit by a plane¨she says “When the second plane hit we knew we were under attack.¨ 

   English Teacher Mr. Torres was sleeping and, skipping class. He attended UT Austin’s school of Journalism at the time. His roommate awoke him suddenly and said the twin towers were hit by a plane. “At first at didn’t believe him¨ Torres states, ¨but when the second one was hit I could tell that he was serious.¨   

  After the towers had fallen, people from all over the world sent flowers and other gifts to the church near ground zero. Mrs. Green reports seeing lots from Texas. Mr Torres got texts and calls from international friends hoping that everyone was okay. People were terrified to leave the house. UT held a candlelight vigil where students were crying and supporting each other. 9/11 was now an international tragedy.

  To honor the tragedy that 9/11 was, McLean will be holding a memorial ceremony featuring JCC. This memoriam will be held September 10th and all students will be attending. They are planning to retire an American flag. ¨There will be a color guard and marching¨ Xavier Sanchez, a JCC member reports.

   In JCC, they learn how to respect their teacher and they do military drills that help them to  be phenomenal citizens.  You can also get a P.E. Credit from JCC. 

   Whether you join JCC to learn about improving one’s character or to learn how to serve one’s country, it is a great program to participate in here at McLean! As for 9/11, it is time to remember all the innocent lives that were lost and we are looking forward to the ceremony that JCC puts together.