Interview with Counselors

Mclean has three wonderful cardinal counselors, and we sat down with them to give you three different points of view of their amazing lives. They are here for each of us from emotions to getting ready for high school. We are so grateful for each of them.


Ms.Adkins went to college at Jarvis Christian University and Amberton University for her master’s degree. She became a teacher, then shortly after, she knew kids needed help with counseling, that’s what her heart was set on. Though making the switch to counseling was a big decision, she has been a counselor for 20 years, and is super glad McLean gave her a chance.


Ms.Dodd has been one of our counselors here for a number of years. When she was a child and played like one as a kid. Later in life, she went to Grace College and Northwood University. When she started off as a teacher, she felt like she wasn’t making a big enough impact on the students and the school, so that’s when she became a counselor. There, she felt like she’s made a difference in things such as charity, being a career helper, and other issues.


Mr. Adams, our counselor that works with lats names A-G, has been in counseling for 21 years and is currently in his first year as a cardinal. As a child, he really didn’t think about being a counselor and wanted to work in the government instead. He graduated from Wallen Baptist University. He already feels he’s made a better impact with social and emotional problems. He used to work at Riverside and feels he can make a better connection to students in middle school than students in high school, and feels he can always work with his fellow counselors.