JCC: ALL About It

Riley Teafatiller

Have you ever wondered what JCC is all about? Well now you’ll know! If you think you’ll hear booming voices ,and drills in the rain, that’s just not the case! JCC is all about building character for leadership and discipline.


Beginning of Class

When you get into the classroom, you aren’t expected to just sit down in the class. When you get inside ,you are expected to put your things on your desk and form up outside.


Forming up outside isn’t just huddling around in a circle. Forming up is a command when the cadets line up 5,5 in a line. Then the class leader will say “dress right dress” and then the cadets will hold up their left arm. This is so that the cadets can make sure it is space wide enough for them to just about touch the cadet to the left’s shoulder. Then after a quick “ready front” the class leader will then call out “cover down”. This is a command that is identical to the previous command but is to make sure there is enough space in front of the cadet. Then the class leader will check the line to make sure it is perfectly straight.

After the line is straight, the leader will then call out,” Columns of files to my right, move out!”.This will instruct the cadets at the farthest right lane to start heading to the classroom. The first person in that line will then hold the door open for the rest of the class. The last person in the line will call out,” Last Cadet!”.This will inform the next line to head to the class. The last cadets will repeat this until there are no more cadets formed up.

When all the cadets are in the class, they will stand at parade rest(which is where the cadet will stand with their hands behind their back, with their feet in a gap). Then the class leader will do attendance.

The class leader will go down each row of the class and ask the student their name. When this happens, the cadet will stand at attention(which is when the cadet stands up straight, and their hands are at their side). The cadet will say their name, wait for the class leader to take their attendance, and sit down.


End of Class

When the bell rings, Senior Chief Williams(the JCC instructor)will call the class to attention. When the class is at attention, Senior Chief Williams will say,” Cadets, fall out!”.This informs the cadets that the class is over.


Weekly Schedule

Monday: Lesson/Work

Wednesday: Uniform Inspection

Thursday: Drill Practice

Friday: PTE


So now that you know what JCC will be like, JUST MAYBE, maybe consider joining it next year if you’re in 7th Grade.

-Riley Teafatiller