Back In Style

Back In Style

Lorely Saldivar

 This past year has been very different from any year that we have ever lived. I’m pretty sure that the majority of us spent it wearing sweatpants, hoodies, and pijamas. With this new school year we have finally gone back to normal and we are beginning to see everyones fashion style develop. Some items that we can see are more popular than others are Nike Air Force 1’s, Jordans, and lululemon clothing. Let’s take a deep dive and discover what’s back in style!

Shirts are one the most important clothing items that there are. There is so much variety that it’s very rare for you not to find a specific design or color. At McLean we see that a lot of spirit shirts are being worn alongside graphic tees, lululemon, under armor, and american eagle brand shirts. Despite it still being really hot outside, we can see that a lot of people are already wearing hoodies and I think we all know that we are not going to be getting rid of those anytime soon. There are probably so many more types of shirts and styles but these are the most common ones that we can see being worn at school.

Next, let’s talk about bottoms. In this 100 degree weather we have to make sure that we aren’t wearing things that are too warm so that we don’t get a heat stroke. Lots of people are wearing shorts, jeans, and leggings to stay cool and not get overheated. Some popular jeans that we are seeing being worn are bootcut, ripped, baggy, skinny, and wide leg. Since winter is coming up I’m pretty sure that we are going to start seeing sweatpants and joggers but for now let’s stick to shorts and jeans in this hot weather. 

Shoes are becoming one of the most talked about fashion trends of this year. There are so many cool and awesome styles to choose from that your collection could be never ending. The most popular ones at the moment are probably the Nike Airforce 1’s. But don’t be fooled, those are not the only ones being worn. We are seeing Air Max, Jordan’s, Crocs, Cortez, Blazers, Vans, Converse, Sperry’s, Boots, and many more. Even though we might want to have all of these styles with our own customizations, let’s still be grateful that we have something to wear on our feet everyday.                                                                     Now for something that girls love to style and wear, let’s talk about accessories and jewelry! We all know that jewelry has been in style for quite some time now, but which type of jewelry is being used this year. We see all of the traditional stuff like earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces but something that is being worn a lot is personalized name necklaces. We can see full names like Emma or just initials like A. Cartilage piercings also seem like they are starting to become a trend. Jewelry is so much fun to use and it is a beautiful piece of art that you can wear on your body.