The 80’s To Now

In the 80’s, there were lots of trends and trendsetters, looking back at it, you can see how big of a difference the trends were from then and now. For example, big fluffy hair was a big trend, neon colors, leg warmers, mullets, etc. Nowadays you see lots of tie-dye, different aesthetics, graphic tees, etc. 

  Back in the 80’s people were so close with each other and could act without a care in the world. What’s special is that, that is one of the main things that make the 80’s and now different. For instance, the Generation Z is totally opposite then what generation X is because what I personally believe is technology. Technology was always a big thing but now it’s very very popular around the globe. 

           When Generation X was growing up, they didn’t have this technology, they could just be free really. The internet makes some of us people do very bad things and many people are influenced by it, but there are some good things about. Like NASA wouldn’t be where it’s at today, and neither would all of us. It can store lots of important information and it’s incredible how it works. Even though there are some bad things about the internet, we still get a use to it. Now back to the topic, the main idea for this article is to show you how much the world has changed in a 30-40 year long period. That’s why its important to stay true to yourself and not just look at the past