How to Install Different Fonts On Your iPhone

Dustin Davis

Step 1. Go to the App Store, and search Fonts                                                                                                                         

Step 2. There should be an app called Fonts, the logo should be what you see in the top right, and click install.

Step 3. Once the app is installed, open it up, and click get started.

Step 4. From there, go to settings, and open the Font Settings.

Step 5. Click Keyboards, click allow Fonts, and then click allow full access, and it should say something like, “Allow Full Access for “Fonts” Keyboards?”, and then click allow.

Step 6. When you open up your iMessages, in the bottom left of your keyboard there should be a world logo, and hold down on that.

Step 7. That should open up a menu, and there should be an option that says Fonts. Click on that, and then you will have many fonts. To go back, repeat step 6.