The End of School is Near!


Penn Simonson

Cardinals, the end of the year is very close. With only a few weeks left of school, everybody should be preparing for the summer. Also coming up soon are the STAAR tests coming in mid and late April. Be sure you are studying hard for those tests, because those are very important and determine whether you are ready for the next grade level.

Back to the topic of summer, when you’re in middle school, summer can be one of the most fun and productive times. You can have an opportunity to start a business, maybe workout, hang out with friends, and lots more. Some advice from me to you is not to just sit around this summer and do nothing, you’ll get a lot more out of doing something rather than nothing. Try something new this summer because who knows, you might really enjoy it!

If you’re struggling with school, don’t worry much longer, you will make it very soon! Just weeks left to go, Cardinals. Let’s make it a great end to the 2022 – 2023 year!