Study Tips!

Study Tips!

Lana Mackie

Will the school year almost ending, STAAR, MAP, and Finals will be coming up. Here are some of the best study hacks to get your workflow going!

Make sure to take advantage of tutoring or extra help from your teachers. most teachers will have tutoring sessions before or after school, and if you’re struggling in a subject it should be taken advantage of.

Study in groups or in a quiet study space. Studying in a group can be a great way to learn. You can help each other while having fun. if you get distracted easily, studying in a quiet place would help you pay attention and get more work done. ✍️

Familiarize yourself with the subject you’re learning. if your teacher tells you what kind of questions are on the test, practicing with practice questions can better you for upcoming tests, or even study sessions with friends!

When taking a test, look over the test before you answer any questions. Reviewing the questions before taking a test can better prepare you so you know what the material is and can answer the questions more thoroughly.

Don’t be scared to ask your teacher for help! Asking for clarification is perfectly fine, and your teacher wants to help you.

Have fun studying cardinals! And we hope the tips will help you. 📝

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