The STAAR is Coming!!


It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for YOU to take THE STAAR. Students took this test during the beginning and middle of the year, the end of the year STAAR exam may be closer than you think. On the days of April 19th, April 25th, April 27th & May 4th, students will be taking the end of the year STAAR test. As the school year is coming to a conclusion, this is the last time this year that students will be taking the STAAR test.

The purpose of the STAAR test is to track your progress throughout the year and show what you learned. To pass the STAAR test, you need to get within a certain amount of questions correct. It’s important to try your best on this test because if you don’t get within the range, you will fail. Failing the STAAR makes tutoring and summer school mandatory.

It may be time to start preparing for and studying for these tests as they are right around the corner.