5 tips for test day

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    As you may know, a lot is coming up here at Mclean. One thing is STAAR testing and although we all dread it I’m about to give you five tips to help you survive testing. There are some things that you probably already know such as getting good sleep, coming prepared, not stressing too much, and many more but I’m going to give you five tips you may have never heard or thought about doing.

    • When reading long paragraphs underline or highlight important info and read very very carefully. If you find any information to be useful or help answer questions UNDERLINE IT. If you don’t you could forget and not know when answering questions. Also, make sure to read everything carefully and not skim over it.
    • Remember that time management is key. If you normally take a long time on tests, consider how much time you have and how many questions you have to answer. It’s never good to not finish so make sure you have plenty of time to finish at your speed. Also if you feel like you are rushing slow down and take it slow.
    • Get good sleep and eat a good breakfast. This helps so you don’t get tired and hungry during the test. Make sure you go to bed early enough that you are well tested in the morning then have a good filling breakfast. This is good on any day but especially on testing days.
    • Read over your test when you are done. If you take a few minutes to skim over the test and make sure all your answers are correct and check that you answered every question that can help a lot. Sometimes if you say you’ll come back to a question you may forget but if you skim over you won’t forget.
    • Don’t forget that studying always helps. If you write things down you are more likely to remember it. Write things down throughout a week. Study the topics that you are least comfortable with and some that could still use some improvement. This will be a good thing to try the week or a few days before testing.

    I hope these tips helped you out. Good luck at testing!