McLean Goes to Spain: New Exciting Trip Opportunity 2024-2025


Claudia Hernandez

Have you ever traveled out of the country? Let me be more specific. Have you ever traveled to Spain? If not, you’re in luck because Mrs. Sheppard is hosting a Trip to Spain with  a company called Education First. More information about this well-established tour company can be found here.                                                                                                        Mrs. Sheppard’s goal is to take 25 students between the age of 11-15 to Spain. More specifically, they are going to see Madrid and Barcelona. “I am doing this to give the students and opportunity for students to explore outside the country and immerse themselves in the culture. They will also see familty culture, behaviors, and sightsee.” Mrs. Sheppard shared. This trip will take place somewhere between July 13-19 (dates may vary) in 2025. She decided to host it during that time in order to allow parents time to save up for the trip or get donations for students that cannot pay. It is also open to anyone they do not have to attend McLean Middle. There is a parent meeting on March 28th located in the McLean Middle School library at 6:00. At the meeting you will be getting the flyers with more information about the trip.