Benefits of chewing gum and listening to music while working on assignments!

Leighton Santiago

Imagine you’re in class and you can’t focus because your classmates are talking when they are not supposed to and it’s disrupting you to be able to work on your assignment. You ask your teacher if you can chew some gum while listening to music to help you work better, but she says that music distracts you more, she also doesn’t want you to chew gum because its distracting for others and  she doesn’t want you to leave the wrapper on the floor. Yet your teacher doesn’t know that chewing gum (especially mint) and listening to music can benefit you, and enhance your focus and work on your assignment with no disruptions.

Benefits of chewing gum in class

Some people don’t know that chewing gum can benefit you in some ways like enhancing focus and to improve your memory, relieving stress and anxiety, helping you relax more and to be able to do your work comfortably. A researcher Amy Kraft says that chewing gum increase the oxygen flow to parts of the brain, and more oxygen can help people be more alert and improve their reflexes, she also added on that you won’t get the same result as when you pretend to chew gum. The wrapper is up to you, just make sure it gets in the trash, and not the floor.

 Benefits of listening to music while working

Listening to music sounds distracting for people, but for other people music actually helps them with their studying by helping them focus and work.  Music can also help boost your memory, and motivate you to study. The rhythms in music can help you remember memories to help you study. Music can motivate you to study by listening to your favorite music can boost your brain to think positively meaning that it will make you feel motivate to do your work.  Music can help you reduce stress levels by calming people’s anxiety, making them feel less anxious. Next time your teacher doesn’t let you listen to music and chew gum, explain to them all the benefits it can provide you.