Benefits of chewing gum in class

kiska whittier'

Many teachers don’t allow gum chewing in class however allowing students to chew gum in class can have several benefits. I think students should be allowed to chew gum in class as long as they aren’t annoying other people with it and if they throw it in the trash when they are done with it. Gum can help you improve your memory by increasing the flow of oxygen in the part of your brain that is responsible for memory. It can help reduce anxiety and stress which helps when you have lots of hard work to do. Gum can improve alertness and help you stay awake by pumping oxygen into the part of your brain that controls your alertness. Chewing gum can increase test performance, alertness, and overall brain power. There have even been tests done that say students’ brain power increased when chewing gum. It can be especially helpful for students who have trouble staying focused during long classes. Allowing students to chew gum in class can also be a good way to promote a more relaxed and comfortable learning environment. Many students find that chewing gum helps them feel more at ease and less anxious, which can make them more receptive to learning.

There are several things that schools don’t allow students to do but some students may argue they should be able to. One is chewing gum as I said earlier but the school also doesn’t allow a flexible dress code if they were a little bit more flexible about the dress code I think students could feel a lot more comfortable. Also if schools allowed more flexible seating students may enjoy that they are with their friends or somewhere where they enjoy sitting. Being able to sit where you want could help if students need to see the board better or if they can’t focus sitting next to certain students. Allowing students to have a bit more freedom such as chewing gum can help students prevail in their schoolwork and make school a much more comfortable environment.