Five fun things to do over winter break

kiska whittier'

Winter break is coming up fast we all love not having to do work over break but sometimes you can run out of things to do so that is why I curated this list of five fun things to do over winter break.

1.  There are lots of things to do outdoors when it’s chilly outside such as sledding but have you ever thought of going to the zoo? Though it’s fun on any normal day it’s a whole different experience when it’s winter time it could be slightly snowing or maybe flurries in the air but even if there isn’t the zoo is always fun.

2.  If being outside in the cold isn’t your thing you could always stay at home and watch a movie Marathon, there are many great movie series out there that are great to watch with family, and friends, or even on your own. You can pop some popcorn and grab a blanket then chill and watch your favorite movies.

3.  Another fun idea is going to look at holiday lights and decorations. You can take a walk, ride your bike, or even drive in a car it’s cool to see what some people come up with for their decorations and maybe you could even get some inspiration for your decorations.

4.  My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is bake. You can bake desserts or breakfasts and I enjoy baking with my family and friends but you can just do it on your own too. There are many things you can bake with varying difficulties but everything is fun to bake.

5.  My final idea is to go on a winter scavenger hunt. You could do it with objects found in your home or outside. You can create a list on your own or look one up online. This would be fun to do with a big or small group and it will always be a good time.

I hope you enjoyed these five ideas for if you get bored over break and have lots of fun.