Semi-final Semester Finals

final with snow on it

isaac mckee

its snowing.. on the final..

Isaac McLovin McKee

Winter break is waiting just around the corner! It’s so close that you could smell it (not actually). Well, before your two weeks off school there is something that stands in the doorway.. semester finals.

Every school year consists of two semesters, one before winter break and one at the very end of the year. At the end of each semester, every student is required to take a final exam/test over everything that was taught in that semester. There is a final for every class, including electives. Some classes may have a different way of taking the final, such as a project or an essay while others might have a straight up fill in the blank. It might not sound fun, but as a reward you can celebrate with two weeks off of school!!

Finals take place about one or two weeks before winter break. Good luck!