Bookworms Assemble! 5 books to read when you’re bored


Claudia Hernandez

If you’re a bookworm I know for a fact you have run out of new and exciting books to read. Here are some book reccomendations and with little snippet about them.

  1. Percy Jackson series –  This book starts when a boy, Percy, sees a mysterious thing happen at his school. He has to go to a camp called camp half- blood. This book is very interesting if you like Fantasy books and there is also a lot of action.
  2. Invisible Inkling – The invisible Inkling is about a boy named Hank with an invisible bandapat (which is native to Peruvian Woods of Mystery) who snuck into Hank’s laundry basket looking for squash, his favorite food. It is a great choice to read if you like fiction and want to read a quick but interesting book.
  3. Harry Potter series –  If you are a true book savant then you will have already read most or all of these. On the off chance you haven’t this book is about a young boy, Harry Potter, and his two friends, Hermione and Ron, at a wizard school battling all monsters and trying to survive. It is a great series to follow if you are looking for a long term fantasy literature book.
  4. The Trials of Apollo book series –  Do you like action? Greek gods? Well this book might be an interesting read for you.  The book starts when a God named Apollo drops out of the sky after he is banished by Zeus and meets a girl named Meg. They go on interesting with Percy Jackson and go to another place named Camp – Half Blood. This book is also related to the Percy Jackson series just with it’s own twist. It has a phenomenal story line and will immerse you with the experience.
  5. Small Steps – This is a nonfiction book about a girls first person experience telling about when she got polio. It tells about her whole experience, her thoughts, feelings, and what she had to go through. It takes place in 1949 and a 12 year old girl named Peg, contracts polio and is in a state of paralysis. While reading you go on an emotional rollercoaster. It is a very interesting experience to read about

Hopefully everyone that reads this enjoys these great finds! Enjoy your reading!