Fun costumes for last day of volleyball

Monday was the last day of volleyball practice and games for the 2022 season. The 7th-grade teams decided to do some fun coordinating outfits. The B team did the White lie T-shirt trend, which is where everyone buys a white T-shirt and writes a lie on it. (ex. If the person is really bad at back row they would say “I’m a D1 Libero”). Then, after practice, they all made a video with their shirts and demonstrated the action on their shirt.

A team decided to dress up like frat boys. They all wore their dad’s polo shirts with their dad’s khaki shorts. For their hair, they wore low ponytails and backward hats.  They all sat up on the bleachers after practice and took a picture. Volleyball has been so fun this season, and we wish our 8th-grade A team good luck at the city championships.