Omnibus Latin (all about latin)


Did you know that “Carpe Diem” means “Seize the day”? Well if you took Latin you would!

Latin is one of the 3 languages that McLean has to offer. This amazing class is led by Mrs. Culpepper who has been teaching Latin for 40 years! This class can be very helpful and can give you high school credits. When 8th grader Abby Rich was asked what inspired her to join Mrs. Culpeppers 6th period class she responded with “I heard about it from my sister and her friends and I really wanted to join in.” Reese McAllister also from Mrs. Culpepper’s 6th-period class said “Even though Latin is a “dead” language I think it is still important to learn for future career paths.”

Then we asked them if they think that they are going to continue Latin throughout high school. Abby Rich replied by saying ” yes, I will continue until I get all of my high school credits.” Reese McAllister replied “Yes, I really think that I will pursue my love for Latin in high school because I’ve just grown a strong relationship with it over the years and I wanna speak fluently”.

Although latin is always underestimated it is a good base for other languages and can help you in the future!