Cross Country the Season Summed Up

Cross Country the Season Summed Up

Jonah Curtis, Staff Writer

The cross country season started on Wednesday, August 17th with many people taking their places on the team. The cross country team has had a fantastic season getting great placing in every meet. Our girls and boys tried their hardest throughout all of their meets and practices and did great. Now let’s get into some of the best meets for the team this year.

At the begging of the season, the first meet for our team was the SCS I Invitational 2022 with 6 of our boy athletes getting top 20, and 5 of our girl athletes getting the top 20. That meet was the first and McLean took the win for the boys and girls race. The next meet in Decater that McLean did well at was the Decatur meet with 5 medals from the boys and 3 medals from the girls. The latest meet was the championship with boys and girls both placing 1st. It was a great meet for the girls with getting 9 of the girls making the top 10. McLean girls walked away with an amazing win, and so did the boys.

That is all about the meets so let’s hear what the coaches had to say about the season.


Coach Kurz said that “the season was amazing and many people grew.” She also said that the season was great, especially the last meet getting 1st place for boys and girls. The coaches are all so proud of the win great job cross country.