New History Teacher, Mr. Deering, Adds Strategic Mind to Social Studies Department


Do you know our new history teacher? Well if you are wondering who it is, it is Mr.Deering, he is one or our new teachers here a McLean Middle. He is located in room 110. This is his 1st year ever teaching and we are glad that we are part of this new experience for him. Mr.Deering grew up and is from Missouri. Other than being one of our amazing history teachers he also plays competitive chess, and if you already didn’t know he is also the coach of our new chess club here at Mclean Middle.

Before becoming a history teacher, he was in the Army and was a professional chess coach, so we know that our new chess club is in really good professional hands because he is a professional chess coach and player. Something he really likes to do in his free time other than play chess is to go hiking. Mr.Deering also said that his favorite part of being a history teacher is ¨learning from my students.¨