McLean Volleyball Takes the Win Against Benbrook After a Last Minute Rally


AnnaClaire Lackey and Muriel Cowdin

On Thursday, September 8th, our McLean 8th grade volleyball A team put up a fight against Benbrook and came off the court with a win! It may have been a rough start but with our supporting student section and the excitement among the crowd, we came out on top.

The first set, we let Benbrook beat us down 25-18. Our mindset was definitely not in the right spot and we were getting beat down after every mistake, but after the first set Coach Mason brought up our confidence and reassured us that we are playing well and in order to win we needed to bring our energy up.

When the second set came around, it was like a new team has stepped onto the court. We were down by a little in the beginning but that did not stop us. We had at least a minute and a half long rally and we sadly lost that point, but that encouraged us to fight for every other point. Towards the end of the set our energy had been brought up by the rest of our team and everyone in the stands leading us to win the set.

The final and last set was probably the most intense part of the game. Benbrook started to lose their confidence which led us to victory. We had the support of all of our students, teams, and parents.

Right before, B team played and they gave it their all. They sadly lost, but they played harder than ever and fought as hard as they could for every point. Congratulations to both teams for building their mental toughness and working as a team to put up a great fight against Benbrook.