Easy Halloween snacks👻🎃

If you want to have a quick spooky snack then you are in the right place.

I have tons of spooky snacks to fill your cravings.

1. spider cupcakesSpooky Spider Halloween Cupcakes

  1. get premade cupcakes or you can make your own any flavor of your choice
  2. add black icing
  3. small black or brown sprinkles
  4. then add black or brown licorice or large sprinkles


Strawberry Ghosts

2. Strawberry ghost

  1.  get some strawberries
  2. melt white chocolate
  3. dip the strawberries into the white chocolate
  4. then add small chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth



3. which fingers Witch Finger Pretzels - Simply Sated

  1. get pretzels
  2. green chocolate or white chocolate and add green food coloring
  3. an almond
  4. once you melt the chocolate  add your chocolate to your pretzel stick
  5. after that add the almond
  6. and let it dry and I will be good to eat



4. vampire cookie Vampire Sandwich Cookies - Amanda's Cookin' - Halloween

  1. get two cookies of your choice
  2. red icing
  3. marshmallows
  4. put the red icing on both cookies and on the edges of the cookies put marshmallows


5. Jello o worms How to Make JELLO GUMMY WORMS! Fun Halloween Dessert! - YouTube

  1. get some red jello
  2. put it through tubes
  3. let it in the freezer till it turns into actual jello
  4. take it out of the tubes
  5. get some Oreos and crush them up then you can have your jello worms with dirt