Racing to the Finish

Racing to the Finish

Jonah Curtis, To Write about Cross Country Athletes

Cross country is off to a great start with three meets done. The one that just happened this Saturday took place in Decatur and McLean did great. McLean got 1st place in the boys and girls run! Now all this talk about them let’s hear from them.

We will start by hearing from Asher Werner, he said that “whenever we practice we can get better together or by ourselves.” Audrey Obana shared her thoughts and she said “it gets your endurance up and it is great for building teamwork.” Chase Hooper thinks that the past three meets have been fun, exciting, and nerve wracking but all in all a great experience. Next up is Ciera Hooper, she said “cross country is pushing her to start to run more.” Now let’s hear about what Cade Mcgregor has to say, he says that “it makes him faster and prepares you for all sports.” Brooke Duarte said that “the coaches respect everyone’s different levels and it helps endurance.”

She also said that “the past three meets have been fun, built bonds, and aren’t very stressful.” She also says that she also likes “they are on a straight path and not a round trip on the meets.”

Our coaches are amazing so let’s hear from Coach Kurz, she is a math teacher and also a cross country coach. She says that she didn’t run much growing up but she learned to love it as she got older. She enjoys that it is a competition against herself and not always against other people. She enjoys that it is a very calming thing and can relieve stress. Whenever she runs in groups she enjoys that you can talk to people and that can get your mind off of the hard work. She thinks that it is great for team building and making friendships. Now we will go and hear about what Coach Pina has to say about cross country. Coach Pina said that he likes a lot of things to like about cross country. He says one of his favorite things is that he enjoys getting to know the runners and seeing them improve their time. He also enjoys the races on Saturdays and getting to do just the runs.