Remember History with History Fair!


History Fair is an annual project where you find an event/person in the past history that fits the yearly theme. Once you’ve found your topic you have to write a report on the event/person. You can present this in a variety of ways such as a video, google slides, a website or a showcase with all the info laid out on a giant piece of cardboard. The History Fair is a project that everyone in Honors History (Texas History & U.S History) is mandated to do every year. (If you aren’t in Honors classes you can still participate).

The theme for History Fair this year is “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas”. This topic is very open, you could create a project on a ton of things which would fit the criteria. History Fair started September 1st and people have until November 15th to turn it in to your teacher.

To find information on your project you can use trusted websites such as Britannica. At the end of your project you are required to list the direct sources for your information. Sources ARE NOT things such as Google or Wikipedia. Try and find first hand sources such as an interview with someone who witnessed the events or a non-fictional book on it in the library. You could even find an article on the subject and find the sources the article used to create the story.

For more information on History Fair you can go to the National History Day website for guidance, examples, ideas and everything you need to know about making your project this year!