Student IDs and Picture Retakes!


Penn Simonson, Writer

Students at McLean! Your Student IDs are required around your neck at all times. It is a part of the dress code. You should have received one on September 7th during your first period. If you did not receive one, contact one of your teachers or the front office. 

Student IDs are fully customizable, so you can put stickers on them, replace the lanyards if you don’t like them, replace the plastic covering/case, and other things. The only thing you are not allowed to do is cover your face or the bar code at the bottom. 

To use the restroom, you will need to fill out the E-Hallpass and bring your Student ID. When walking around the school, you must have your student ID. To go to football games or Volleyball games or Cross Country meets, you will always need your Student ID.

If a teacher asks to see your ID, you have to show them. If you don’t show an ID, you can get into trouble. Also, if you went to the doctor or the dentist, you have to have an ID to re-enter the building. Overall, your Student IDs are so much more than you think, don’t lose them and always have them available!

Also very important, picture retakes will be on September 12th in the auditorium, and picture day forms are available in the front office. So if you had a bad hair day, or you missed picture day, or you need a photo for an ID, picture retakes are available.

Thank you for reading Cardinals!