Big Bucks From Babysitting? Check These Tips


Miley Roydes

If you’re new to babysitting, but want to start or are starting soon, here are some tips and tricks that helped me. If you’re told by a child’s parent to just feed them whatever you want you can always make some chicken nuggets if they have some or a sandwich that isn’t too messy. If you don’t have these things, apples or fruit always do the trick with some chips or crackers, something that will be chewable for them. Make sure you give the kid(s) a good amount of food – not too much and not too little because they will be hungry for lunch.

Around nap times, if you let them play and run around this can be inside or outside but it always makes them tired and they will go down easier. Always have a drink for them to go to sleep. Lastly anytime they are awake, have a movie or show on they like to watch so they can have options about what they want to do. Additionally, shows/movies always make them less loud and less messy, but you should still always clean up their messes. It makes everything a lot easier. Hope these tips and tricks helped.