New Band Teacher Mr.Gandy Hits All the Right Notes


Kiska Whittier

We are very excited to introduce Mr. Gandy to the McLean teaching staff. This year he will be teaching our fabulous bands alongside Ms. Martine. He was a student teacher here last year, and now he has officially joined the Mclean teaching staff. He is a very kind french horn player who is just an amazing guy. Every day he is pumping everybody up, passing out fist bumps, and ensuring everybody is having an amazing day.

So why does he teach here? He knows that at Mclean the students matter and he embodies that belief. If you know Mr.Gandy then you know that he is always energetic and happy and when asked why he said, “I’ve just always been that way.” He also says that he wants his students to be happy and energetic too. Some of his favorite things to do in his free time are going for a walk in the park and doing some gardening. Mr.Gandy told me “I couldn’t have picked a better school,” and his students definitely feel the same way.