Season 4 of Stranger Things has everybody talking!

Leighton Santiago

Welcome back to school! Here’s what was popular and was entertaining the students during the summer. A show called Stranger Things  is a very popular show that came out with a new season that everybody is watching and  is talking about and giving their opinions on. Season 4 of Stranger Things came out on Netflix on May 27,2022 and has been very popular ever since then. Everybody has been talking about the characters and whose there favorite and who isn’t.

People have also been talking about the new characters feature in season 4 of Stranger Things, which are Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn, Argyle played by Eduardo Franco, Number 1 or Peter Ballard played by Jamie Campbell Bower and other new feature characters.

Season 4 ,Episode 4 ” Chapter four: Dear Billy”  is one of the most popular episodes of Stranger Things  featuring a 80’s song “Running up that Hill” by Kate Bush and  has been very popular ever since featured in Stranger Things, and has also been featured in social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Kate Bush also had benefited even more by getting $2.3 million from Stranger Things promoting her song.Season 4 of Stranger Things as has developed a frozen pizza brand called Surfer Boys pizza which is based off of the pizza shop that Argyle works at in Stranger Things.If you’re wondering where you can find this frozen Surfer Boys pizza, surprisingly it is  located in grocery stores near you! Well if you haven’t seen Stranger Things season 4, I hope you think about watching it.