Major differences From the McLean middle school center and the McLean 6th grade center.

Asher Dyke

Most of the 7th and 8th graders came from McLean 6th, but have you ever wondered what some of the major differences in the 2 difference school buildings as in sports classes and a few other major differences?

  1.  Building  one big difference is that at McLean 6th there is only a 1 level  building. McLean 7th & 8th grade is the same size of the McLean 6th just from the 1st level. There are two levels at McLean 7&8, but of course McLean 6th is only 1 grade level and not two.
  2. Sports at McLean 7&8  – at McLean 6th there are no organized team sports, but at McLean 7th and 8th there are numerous sports including football, basketball, track and field, cross country ,volleyball. and soccer which is in 8th grade. There are a lot of  amazing sports at McLean that you or a friend may enjoy.
  3. Classes there are significantly more classes at McLean 7&8 than there are at McLean 6th grade like example there are not any Latin, Spanish athletics and so many more classes/electives, and not one part of the school year is focused in Texas history and many more different classes there are than McLean 7 & 8.
  4. The PEOPLE There are double to triple the size of students and teachers in the school building. At McLean 6th that where students from the elementary center then they transition  to McLean 7th so there are 2 grades which means at least double the students.